Disneyland: A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour

For any true Disney fan, Disneyland is our mecca. It’s where it all started: from a man with a vision, from dirt to a dream, and transformed into “The happiest place on Earth”. With this tour, you will learn about the legend himself: Walt Disney. This is the only theme park where he personally experienced, imagined, and developed the land we know and love today!

Tour overview: As you arrive to the Guide Post to start your tour, a Cast Member is there to greet you and provide you with a special name tag and headset to start. When you begin your journey, you will get to experience attractions that were meaningful to Walt Disney, learn a bit about his life, and hear audio clips from the man himself. Our first stop was the family apartment. It was a step back in time. It was as if nothing had changed. You begin to understand how Mr. Disney lived and see how life was for the Disney family inside the parks. From there, we visited some important landmarks that held significance to Walt, then made our way to learn about the famous attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World. At the end of the tour you will receive a souvenir to remember your experience.

What I learned: There is truly so much history in this land! The origin of his ideas is still current today. Ideas imagined and brought to life were never done before! Walt truly loved his guests, his employees, and bringing fun to families. He believed in the American dream. He loved the human experience of happiness. He never rested until his vision came to fruition. I was completely inspired by the focus and determination he had for his guest’s overall experience. His primary focus was bringing joy to families and developing a place where families could come together. I felt as if Walt was there to greet me personally, taking me through his life in the theme park. It was his home and a complete part of him. I could envision sitting down with him, having a cup of coffee with a grilled cheese sandwich, and talking about my visit to Disneyland. My admiration for this legend tripled after experiencing this tour.

“I think what I want Disneyland to be most of all is a happy place… where adults and children can experience together some of the wonders of life.” – Walt Disney

This tour is in addition to your regular ticket and well worth the experience! Would you like to travel back in time and discover where it all started? Contact me at mary@onceuponavacation.com for your dream vacation.

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