Wi-Fi & the Navigator

Even on vacation, we want to be connected sometimes and Disney Cruise Line makes that easy with Wi-Fi available throughout the ship. But keep in mind that it’s not free for the entire trip.

Before you get on board, be sure to download the DCL Navigator app for your smartphone. It doesn’t do much prior to your trip except give you a very handy countdown, but once you’re on board, it’s a wonderful tool to have.

Key #1: Be sure that your cell phone is in Airplane Mode when you set sail. Once you leave port and head to sea you will incur roaming charges. Be sure to put your phone in airplane mode to avoid coming home to a hefty bill.

Key #2: Go to your settings prior to setting sail and turn off as many notifications as you feel comfortable with. When all those great apps go to “fetch” your data and notifications, it uses a LOT of data.

Once onboard the ship on embarkation day, pull up the DCL Navigator app to view the Wi-Fi package options. On embarkation day you will be able to take advantage of a free 50MB wi-fi package. Take advantage of this first before purchasing a package…but don’t use it until you’ve actually sailed away. You don’t want to burn those free MB when you are still sitting in the US and able to use your cellular plan just like a normal day.

Key #3: Did you get that tip above? Use the package they offer you for free before you buy an existing package…and don’t use it until you’re at sea.

Key #4: Turn off Location Services!

The Navigator app is a priceless tool on board the ship.

You can message with other guests traveling with you.

You can look at ship deck plans.

You can browse the daily schedule.

You can find out restaurant hours.

You can find out character meet-and-greet times.

You can look at Port Adventures coming up at your next stop.

It’s a great little personal assistant to keep in your pocket, but remember that everything else in your phone should be turned off.

The Connect @ Sea desk has very helpful Cast Members that will help you get all those pesky apps turned off, but even if there’s no one at the desk they have a brochure there that will help you minimize your usage.

Key #5: You’ll probably want to share everything about your vacation with friends back home. They can wait! Avoid using any apps that are heavy on pictures and video because they’ll eat up your data. In other words, social media is going to be a big drain on the package you paid for!

Pete Herrick & Jennifer Pyrock are with Once Upon A Vacation and take great pride in helping you plan your Disney Cruise, Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Adventures By Disney getaway for your family. You can reach out to them anytime at pete@onceuponavacation.com or jennifer@onceuponavacation.com for a free quote or information about planning your next trip.



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