By George- This Is Delicious

If you’re a wine aficionado then you probably already know about Wine Bar George at Disney Springs. But let me be clear, you do NOT have to be a wine enthusiast to make this one of your must-do’s at Walt Disney World.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a wine expert, I’m not a regular wine drinker, I’ve pretended to listen to the experts and sniff the selection as they tell me that it has “notes of apricot and dates”. I know what tastes good when I taste it, plus I do LOVE to eat!

Wine Bar George is one of my new favorite locations at Disney Springs.

If you want to go for the wine, you’ll be blown away by the selection and knowledge.

If you want to go for the food, you’ll be so surprised at the flavors and will want to try a little bit of everything.

If you want to go for a really cool community atmosphere and outstanding friendly service, this is your place.

Master Sommelier George Miliotes is the brain behind Wine Bar George and he was so welcoming when he stopped by our table. He knows his stuff and you feel like you’ve been welcomed into his home to enjoy food and wine. There are 140 wines by the glass so if you describe what you like, they’ll match you up with the perfect glass of wine.

For me, the food is the real star here. The skirt steak was juicy and perfectly seasoned, served with a seasonal vegetable (asparagus in our case), the pork cheek was so tender and delicious. Did I know what pork cheek was when I ate it? No. Could it be that obvious? Yes, and I’m ready to have more! There’s a cheese board as well as a charcuterie board…but with 12 people at the table, we went for The Big Board. So many selections of meat, cheese, jams, nuts, breads. Why can’t I have this every single night?


Every server gets rave reviews at Wine Bar George, but I’ll tell you that you can’t go wrong with Tommy F. There are two people named Tommy, so if you’re you looking to request the same server we had, be sure to include the “F”.

Small intimate tables? They’ve got them. Big tables for large gathering? They’ve got them. Want a picnic on the go? They’ve got that too…just visit “The Basket” and pick up what you need for your own experience outside the restaurant.


Lunch or Dinner, you can’t go wrong with Wine Bar George at Disney Springs.

Pete Herrick has been with Once Upon A Vacation since 2013 and has visited Walt Disney Destinations over 30 times and takes every chance to travel to just about any fun location in the world. He and his wife Tessa live at Lake Norman near Charlotte NC. Find him on social media @peteherrick (or e-mail


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