Disney- Outside the Box

I love Disney more than your average six year old- and that’s ok!

I love good food. I love beautiful, clean accommodations with lovely pools and grounds. I love amazing service.

When you read this, it sounds like a pretty good description of what a great vacation should be, right? So then why is it when I say it’s all in Disney World do some people automatically assume it’s only for children?
I’m not embarrassed that I love Disney!
In fact, I may love disney more than your average 6 year old! But, what’s not to like? Food, wine, craft beers, great pools, staff members who will go out of their way to make your vacation perfect. And the occasional thrill ride to go along with that?? I’ll take it!!
For example, The International Food & Wine Festival happens each fall in Epcot. You get to sample food and drinks from all different countries as you make your way around the World Showcase. I see food festivals popping up all over the country and people flock to them!
On our last trip during this time, our kids had one of the best evenings and we didn’t even go on one ride! We started at the beginning and went from country to country (tip… during the festival there are countries that normally aren’t even there!)
We sampled cheddar beer soup with fresh pretzels in Canada. They had a new Caribbean area which featured food from Cuba – my husband was born there so of course we sampled a bite of some delicious roasted pork and plantains!!
We stopped and had a beer and some nibbles while taking in some live music by the Fab Four – which,by the way, is like looking and listening to the Beatles.
From savory crepes, noodles, and pasta to fresh seafood and steak, we had some of the best few hours of our vacation.  It was a great way to enjoy new foods and learn new things about different cultures. All of the cast members in each country pavilion are from that country. We would stop and have conversations, ask questions.  It was a really enriching experience for our family.
Sounds pretty good right? So next time you think of Disney as only for kids, try to look outside the box!
love disney
Jaime Garcia is a mom, travel planner, and vacation daydreamer. Contact her to make your vacation daydreams into a reality. Jgarcia@onceuponavacation.com

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