Exploring Castaway Cay


Castaway Cay (pronounced key) is a destination you will want to visit. This is the Disney’s private island located in the Bahamas.  You will want to set your alarm and wake up early on the island day.  This beautiful island with clear blue water and clean white sand is exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests.  It is immaculate.

Start your morning hopping up to Cabanas buffet and have a nice early breakfast on the outside deck that overlooks the island. This prepares you for the wonderful day ahead.  If you could disembark the ship as soon as they give the all ashore you could grab the best loungers on the island.  It’s like having the beach all to yourself for a little while as people stroll out during the later morning hours. As the saying goes….early bird gets the best chair!  I like to get a chair facing the ship and the snorkel area. It’s just a beautiful sight to look at all day.  This happens to be a great spot to watch weddings and vow renewals with the ship as the backdrop as well.  Feel free to make the walk from the ship to the beach but a tram is also available.  Towels will be given to you as you disembark the ship.

There are many activities to choose from on Castaway Cay.  Snorkeling is likely one of the most popular. Feel free to bring your own snorkel equipment or rent it on the island. You will need a vest to go out into the snorkel area and Disney will allow you to use one of theirs for free.  While you are in the snorkel lagoon, swim out to the buoys and see what treasures are below.

Kids love the playground area in the water. It is so much fun!  Kids are also able to play some hoops or visit the kids club on the island.


Renting a bicycle is another great option.  Bikes are available in all sizes and each rental comes with a helmet for your protection. Ride to the opposite end of the island and climb to the top of the lookout tower for some fantastic snapshots and adventure.

Many guests rent a float/tube and use it all day.   However, if you want to wait until late afternoon chances are there will be plenty of “abandoned” floats lying around that guests didn’t return to the rental building. These can be enjoyed (without cost) for a little while before being returned to the counter. 

There are many other excursion options available on the island from swimming with the stingrays to sailing pass the borders to fish to parasailing. Whether you enjoy the sand and sun or the water and sea life, there are options for you. 

Many guests enjoy participating in the Castaway Cay 5K. You will need to sign up before the race day at guest services.  You will meet the group early at a specified location and walk off the ship together.  Your run (or walk) will be rewarded with a special finishers medal at the finish line. Who doesn’t like a free Disney souvenir?

Castaway Cay has exclusive merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else.  My suggestion is to purchase a special postcard and mail it from the Castaway Cay Post Office.  Gives you the warm fuzzy feeling when you get back home and see mail from this wonderful place. Tip- there’s a complimentary postcard in the long desk drawer in your stateroom along with stationary and a pen.

Adults can enjoy the family beach or take a tram to the adult only beach for a relaxing day.  Hammocks are lined up on the shore which make for the best nap of your life. Nice touch Disney!  There’s also a special hidden gem in the adults only area- steak!  In addition to Cookies and Cookies Too which provide great lunch options including burgers and BBQ in the family section of Castaway Cay, the adult dining location has wonderful steak. Fabulous sides and yummy desserts are served at each location but sorry kids, the steaks are only for us older folks! All your dining is included as part of your cruise fare. 


Guests that require assistance can find special beach wheelchairs on the island.  These are available on a first come first serve basis.

Castaway Cay will soon become one of your favorite places as it has for my family.  Memories abound on this island!

Konda visits Castaway Cay as often as possible and would love to help your family get there too.  Reach out to her at Konda@onceuponavacation.com 

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