5 Tips to Reaching Your Travel Goals for 2019

2019 is here and with it comes the blank slate that allows us to start fresh!  Many common resolutions made this week are to improve health, spend more time with family, save money and travel more.  Unfortunately, so many of those resolutions get forgotten by the Spring. Here are some tips to ensure that 2019 is the year you actually use those piled up vacation days and make some memories.

  1. Create your bucket list.  I personally would place them in to categories based on how long it would take to travel and in essence how long it would take to plan.  For instance, I would love to visit Mackinac Island in Michigan this year and would place that in the ‘3-4 days’ column. We would also like to plan an all-inclusive tropical vacation in the Caribbean and would place that in the ‘5 days or longer’ column.  
  2. Visually map out your year.  Now is the time to pull out the calendar and mark all the important dates from your work, family celebrations and school functions.  I am a big fan of physical calendars and colored pens over the online version but use what works for you! If your bucket list has seasonal trips listed, like seeing the fall colors in Maine or Paris in the Spring, you will be able to see right away which trips are possible for this year.  Those long weekend trips or week-long vacations will seem to naturally fit in one place or another based on when you are available. Unfortunately some might not work but you can add them to your 2020 list!
  3. Develop a timeline and path to reaching your travel goals.  Figure out your booking windows, making sure to leave some time to research and make decisions.  You’ll need to create your budget and remember to include things like transportation, accommodation, food, excursions and spending money.  Enlisting a travel professional like Once Upon a Vacation can help make this part much easier! Smaller trips may be able to be planned, booked and traveled in a relatively short amount of time but longer, farther vacations may need at least a few months.  
  4. Create a board or place to start gathering necessary items, tips and more for your trips.  This can be physical like a cork board with photos, copies of your passport, travel quotes and tips as well as to do lists and reminders.  It can also be partially virtual and created in apps like Pinterest or as notes on your desktop. Change your background to an upcoming destination and screenshot some ‘must-dos’ from travel sites like this one.  
  5. Never lose sight of the goal!  Work and save for it every day.  Anything we want has to be earned but makes it that much sweeter in the end.  Travel is often the thing we put off until we have more time, money, or energy.  Like any other goals we want in our life, travel is possible if we work for it. Start saving a travel stash (ours is an UP inspired jar) adding to it little by little and prepare your home for that time away.  You will not regret it and the photos will be really fun to reflect on a year from now!

Jorie was a former collegiate athlete and currently works as a dream vacation planner.  She knows a lot about reaching goals! Contact her to discuss your travel wishlist for 2019 and make that bucket list a reality!  Email jorie@onceuponavacation.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration (@ouavjorie)



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